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MercantileX. is a leader in providing comprehensive payment processing solutions and risk consulting service to global businesses accepting electronic payments. As a global free market exchange for merchant processing, MercantileX provides detailed processing performance, allowing Merchants and Acquiring Banks to thrive within each other’s capabilities. Established through the need of high quality and reliable processing, MercantileX strives to deliver boutique level attention with conglomerate size results.


Risk, Underwriting & Compliance

  • Payment Solutions (US / EU)
  • ISO Audit Reviews
  • Business Unit Evaluation and Process review
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Risk Management / Monitoring
  • Underwriting Process 
  • Chargeback Management
  • Portfolio Review (Risk)
  • Portfolio Reporting / Data Analysis
  • Concurrence Write-Up
  • Website Compliance
  • Call Center Set-Up
  • Business Development
  • Training / Educational Seminars 
  • Payment Facilitators


Proper Fintech Tools

  • CRM
  • Gateway
  • Settlement Platform
  • TLS / SSL Security
  • Chargeback Mitigation
  • Card Readers
  • Kiosks
  • ESO Key Injection
  • Data Recovery
  • CMS
  • Paperless File Systems
  • eWallet
  • Security


Electronic and Physical Solutions

  • Cash Discount
  • PIN Debit
  • EMV
  • eCommerce / Card Not Present
  • Wireless / Mobile
  • Recurring / Tokenized
  • Fleet / Service
  • ACH
  • MCA (Merchant Cash Advance)
  • Payment Remittance
  • Card Issuing
  • eWallet / Closed Loop
  • Vault Services
  • Lockbox
  • Provisional Credit

Once a client, always a client

The MercantileX family of merchants have evolved from many complex solutions.  We have delivered over and above, time and time again for our family. Your business success is as critical to us as it is to yourself.  MercantileX goals are to provide the most safest, efficient, reliable and economical payment services possible.

MercantileX has brought unrivaled value to the growth of our organization and provided leadership where we needed it.

- Dane Adonis Inc

Professional, thorough and classy. The team at MercantileX delivered above and beyond our expectations.

- Carli Direct Beauty

Our clients have benefit tremendously from our partnership with MerchantileX. We can't recommend them enough.

- John Orion