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Sales from the nearly 3.8 million retail establishments in the United States achieved over $5.7 trillion last year.  That equates to over $50 billion in card processing fees paid by retail business owners alone.

Cash Discount Processing is a way for business owners to recover their merchant processing fees. The MercantileX Cash Discount program delivers a service fee to customers that choose to make a purchase with their bank card. Or a discounted price is honored for a cash transactions. The posted prices in your business remain the discounted cash price. If a customer continues to use their bank card for their purchase, MercantileX will add a small service charge onto the bill at check-out and clearly displayed on the receipt. Cash paying customers receive the standard discounted rate, avoiding the service fee all together. MercantileX provides this program as proprietary technology that keeps your business legally within Visa, Mastercard, and governing guidelines. The MercantileX Cash Discount Processing will save your business a tremendous amount of money.

  • Collect 100% of your sales revenue
  • Remove monthly processor fees
  • Incentivize cash payments
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Robust back office reporting
  • Maintain speed of sales flow
  • Recurring billing
  • Next day Funding
  • Legal in all 50 States
  • Dodd-Frank Act compliant

Who's it for?

Cash Discount Processing is for any business that accept credit / bank card payments for their business.  We've identified some industries that can best benenfit from our Cash Discount program and find great value in the offering.

e-Commerce:  The world of internet sales is the fastest growing consumer industry worldwide. In the United States this is a $500 Billion market that is rappidly expanding.  The convenience of access to diversity, price, review, product comparision, and the home delivery of products is driving the e-commerce sales growth.

Franchisers: Franchising has provided business opportunities in the United States for more than 150 years. The model is widely embraced as it provides an established plan for stability and expansion. Franchising offers products and services in over 300 business categories, including food & beverage, lodging, health, educational services, professional services, auto care, accounting, tax services, real estate, home services, IT services and retail products.  The total gross sales number are hard to pinpoint, however there are over 750,000 franchisee locations within the US.

Retailers: According to the National Retail Federation, independent and privately held retail businesses account for 95 percent of the industry. Retail stores are the face of the America accounting for over 3.8 million locations delivering $5.7 Trillion in sales. Retail online sales continue to push the increase of the industry growth, and an sector that we can service.

Convenience Stores: As of 2017 there are over 150,000 convenience stores actively operating in the United States. Nearly 80% of convenience stores sell over $360 billion in fuel, $260 Billion in-store sales and over $20 Billion in alcohol.

Hospitality: consisting of Food and Beverage, Travel, Lodging and Recreation.  As of 2017 the Hospitality industry has generated $3.45 Trillion in annual sales.  The five main Hospitality sub-sectors are as follows:

  • FOOD AND BEVERAGES: With consumers now spending 44% of their eating budget dining out.  Unique cultural experiences, pleasant customer engagement, delivery convenience, and affordability has driven market sales to  $800 Billion in 2017
  • TRAVEL AND TOURISM: Healthy consumer spending, airline competition, corporate travel and consumer demands for new experiences have delivered an astounding $1.6 Trillion in sales for 2017
  • LODGING: Steady demand for a warm bed in a clean room has generated over $170 billion in 2017 bookings
  • RECREATION: Americans love experiencing their mother earth.  US consumers have spent $887 Billion on the great outdoors.

Entertainment / Media: The U.S. Entertainment industry is the largest in the world. At $735 billion, it represents cultural activities such as motion pictures, concerts, theater and festivals.  The broadcast sectore consists of television programing and advertising, streaming content, music and audio recordings, radio, books, and video games.

Common Questions

Cash Discount Processing helps businesses that are impacted by processing costs. Consider small ticket merchants like a street vendor, fast casual café or convenience store. With an average transaction size of $5.00, the underlying processing cost on a debit card used as a credit card would be $.2225 or 4.45% and before paying any additional monthly fees!

The direct impact to larger ticket business profit is also a huge difference. Average merchant costs for all bank card types is approximately 1.8%. Depending on the business, eliminating 1.8% of all bank card sales could equate to a double digit increase in EBITDA.

To correctly implement a Cash Discount program, you don’t need to change any of your prices. We will provide you with a new pricing notice that is clearly posted for your customers to read, stating that all transactions carry an increased customer service charge. The patented technology is provided by MercantileX in conjunction with our hardware and processing software.

Yes, our software and payment terminal can work in any environment. For complex integrated systems we can place your project in our development queue and get your Cash Discount processing running ASAP.

When a fee is incorrectly applied to a bank card transaction, that additional fee to a consumers is deemed a Surcharge. Surcharges are only legal in 10 States and is expressly forbidden by Visa, Mastercard.

Our Cash Discount Processing has been legally vetted with patented protection to correctly notify, display and account the consumers service fee. While sounding similar to a Surcharge Program, our process is distinctly different in that all sold products and services have an increased fee, however those who choose to pay with cash will receive a discount.

Additionally, merchants are forbidden by Visa, Mastercard to profit from credit card transaction fees. The MercantileX Cash Discount processing establishes legal notice, pricing, and accounting for your business to maintain prudence within all stated rules, regulations and guidelines.

Nobody wants to pay additional fees. Consumer’s know that as a business you have to pay additional fees to accept their bank cards. They still want to collect fight miles or reward points. By passing the Cash Discount fee onto the sales transaction, it’s a small price to pay and easily adopted by customers. Cash Discount processing allows you to stay in business and keep your overall costs lower.

Surveys have shown that over 80% of consumers state they take no issue paying the small service fee (approximately $0.75 on every $20.00) for the convenience of using their bank card. As carrying cash is less common, ATM fees are consistent, and consumers are incentivized to use their rewards cards, adoption of Cash Discount processing is very high.

*No regret clause. MercantileX will back your decision to migrate to our Cash Discount processing, that if for any reason your business directly receives a negative impact in sales due to your customers rejecting the new service fee, we will immediately revert your processing to a standard contract and guarantee a processing costs less than your existing services.

Look we get it; by cancelling your existing contract there could be an Early Termination Fee that’s insultingly high. However, do the simple math. If you’re paying on average, $2000 in monthly fees for every $100,000.00 in sales, we can make those fees disappear… It’s a no brainer.

It's reconciliation! The total merchant processing fees (interchange + debit + transaction + monthly fees) that the banks charge, vary depending on over 600 different card payment scenarios. We take the total amount of all the Cash Discount service charges collected, and subtract it from all of the merchant processing costs.

We've done the market research with complex business cases to know the sweet spots on how to price the consumers service charge to cover all or most of your merchant processing costs.

As an exception to any rule: There are certain circumstances where a merchant that has lower sales volumes will not generate enough sales to cover the monthly minimum banking costs. There are also some merchants that neglect to register PCI compliances and those fees do get passed on. However a vast majority of our merchants see 100% of their processing cost eliminated.

Take a copy of our brochure with you


Just how much can you save?

It's simple really. Go take a look at your current merchant processing statement and subtract how much in fees were taken out of your total sales. You'll be blown away as we put that money right back into your business and become a partner for life.  Our experts are available to speak with you, answer specific questions about your business and demonstrate exactly just how much your business can save.  Schedule a time now and we'll provide you with a formal rate saving proposal.

Example Calculation

Monthly             Traditional Fees     Cash Discount Fees
Sales             $99,000.00     $99,000.00
Card Fees             ($1881.00)     $0.00
Admin Fees             ($100)     $0.00
Total Cost             ($1981.00)     $0.00

Settled Amount



Annual Cost             ($23,772.00)  
Annual Savings   $23,772.00

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